Monday, October 24, 2005

Vive La France

In the joke the Nazi officer commandeers some woman from the streets of Paris. As he pulls his pants back up, buttons and adjusts himself, he says, "In nine months you will give birth to a fine half-Aryan boy. Heil Hitler!"
But apparently the woman had been commandeered before: more than a couple of times. She says, "Long before then you will have syphilis. Vive La France!"

The Germans were trying to infect the world with Germans. The French whore didn’t have to do anything, not anything unusual, to be part of an infection much older than Germany.

Men try, and succeed, I don’t know for how long, to infect the world with men. Just maybe, eventually, things older than men, may have something to say about it.

Once upon a time volcanos erupted so often there were hardly any microbes around, let alone big critturs. Eventually, men put ever more men in ever more dangerous places: Pompeii, New Orleans ... space! Vesuvius blows, buries Pompeii, and soon other men build an even bigger city right next door. One thing I always loved about skiing: I knew it was dangerous: I knew I didn’t belong there (This isn't the savanna):
Get a rush from getting away with murder: God must really love me.
Cross your fingers.

Men don’t like to think of themselves as an infection. Men think of themselves as what’s right. George Bush leads us in what’s pure.
I say there isn’t much that can’t be thought of as an infection, calm down and think it through. Existence infects emptiness with energy, with matter, with stars ... life, intelligence ... How can we prove that stars ... life, intelligence ... is better than emptiness?

(Simple: be too stupid to see the problems!)

Continues with Bird Flu

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