Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Second Time Around

Love is lovelier
The second time around


You only go around once in this life ... says the beer commercial. Say: do the ad men know existence better than the theologians? (They could hardly know it worse!)
But I think the ad men may be right. Imagine the ways in which life would be different had we lived before, assuming the universe, life, society, to be similar in time2 as in time1. Not that everyone would behave quite identically.
But I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t let them put me in school again for anything. Dragging my feet on the way to kindergarten? I should have dragged twice as hard for day two. I wouldn’t answer another draft notice: take my five years in jail and be done with it.
I wouldn’t get married again. For anything, whatever the girl’s charms, promises ...
Oh, I’d have a kid again. Kids, plural; but without benefit of marriage.
Live with a woman? Of course. One can’t do without women.

PS Just occurred to me: how many miscarriages, how many stillbirths, result from the fetus fuming and fretting: "No, no, not again. I refuse to live again."

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