Friday, October 28, 2005


Means universal — one universe, one God, one world, one church, one orthodoxy, one set of standards ...

Sounds appealing: until you experience it. Anyone with more than three seconds experience of life knows that societies build towers of babel, not unity.

For example (I’ve said this at, but feel the itch again today): Once upon a time every woman could be called "Mistress." It has overtones of being established, accepted, part of the society, wed to a property holder. Common enough, it gets abbreviated Mrs. Mrs.’s daughters are also called mistress; but a new distinction creeps in: and the junior mistresses are abbreviated "Miss": means she’s not married yet, is NOT the wife of a property holder however much she may be the daughter of a property holder. What about the spinsters? What about the dykes? !!! So women, at the time of my young adulthood, proposed "Ms": pronounced with the sibilant voiced: Miz.
Great! One category, instead of two. A chicken in every pot, every man his own king. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead of two categories, married and unmarried (actually there’s always an extra category implicit, understood: neither of the above), now there were three categories: married, unmarried, malcontent (and necessarily a fourth: none of the above).

(If every man is a king, then king has lost all of its meaning. Same as when the lawyers in the courtroom call everyone (except the accused) Sir. (Or Madam.))

God comes along in a world of myriad gods. I’m the one that counts, he says. So in a world with temples galore, a new temple is formed: We’re the right one. Then there’s a schism and the new temple splits. Each new sect says We’re the One. But what you actually have is another damn temple!
The royalists, the democrats; the Mensheviks, the Bolsheviks; the Republicans, the Democrats ... It’s always Oh, Jesus, another one; never Ah, now we’re all united.

Isn’t it regularly the case that where there’s a king, there’s also a Pretender. Followers of the Pretender, if he has any followers, will say that he is the true king. Official society is perpetually accused of being illegitimate. (And pk always agrees.)

Who in the world, who in history, has a better claim to monism than pk? Hell, I offered FLEX in 1970: one networked record system, unregulated. I was trying to take record keeping from the kleptocracy and its institutions, claim it for the public, show the public a way to do without all of the old institutions ... In the case of pk, I am isolated down to myself alone. I say, with good reason, On me: I am the library. Government steals my ideas, and says, Here is the library: of Congress!
Or, Here is the internet. (Built from money we’ve coerced from you.) (Now: privatize it! Render all the computers you’ve just put yourself in hock for obsolete in six months: so only the richest can keep up.)

I like to imagine God throwing you all into hell: as murderers, thieves, ingrates ... You paid royalties, but not to those actually due the royalties.

Every day the new sons of Adam imagine themselves to be legitimate.

PS I said above, "my ideas." My ideas are Illich-derived, Fuller-derived, Arthur C. Clarke-derived. My ideas actually are everything-derived.

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