Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nazi Mythologies of the Hidden Wealth of the Destitute

The typical anti-Semite, take a 1930s Nazi for example, was told as a child, and told again, that any Jew, no matter how impoverished the Jew seemed, had a hoard of gold somewhere nearby. Naturally, if a Jew has gold, why then that gold doesn't belong to the Jew, but to the Nazi who'll take it from him: right? So: the Nazi is within his rights, the Nazi is obliged, to find the gold: and liberate it: from the enemy of God, and transferring it to the friend of God. Right? Therefore, it's perfectly reasonable to beat the Jew and torture the Jew: and if the Jew dies before giving up the gold, well that just proves how wicked the Jew is! Doesn't it? !

Any extortionist racket may work similarly. The king wants to wage a war. Why just tax the peasants! The peasants say they'd given all they could last year. But the peasants must be lying, right? It's in the nature of peasants to lie; while it's in the nature of the extortionist rulers to be the chosen of God, right? So it's just right and proper that the government burn, torture, and kill the wicked peasants until they cough up enough new taxes to invade Lorraine, or France, or Poland ...

I've lived my life without an income. I gave up the jobs of my youth, the jobs that kept me flush with cash, and went into hock, stayed in hock, in order to attend, as I was told to do, school after school: AB, MA, doctoral work, lots and lots of doctoral work. But I never got a regular job. On the contrary, though I was hired as a college teacher, I was fired, and blackballed from further employment during the kleptocracy's hysteria of the late 1960s. That's the circumstance in which I offered a cheap low-tech internet in 1970: I wanted to loosen the universities' strangle hold on the culture. My offer received a trickle of support: then that trickle was stopped (and mopped) not by accident: just another friendly service from our utterly dishonest institutions: universities, government, media ... Fortune 500, big science ... I did this and that to stay alive: I wrote my stories and my novels and still talked about Jesus-inspired Illichian social networking, all to no avail, gaining no income. And all my glorious cash reserves of high school had been long-since depleted by college. Spend all, and never gain: except from patrons. My patrons, all modest, kept me alive, though less than functional. When PCs came along I was among the last to be able to get one: I, who had proposed public software for everyone, so no one would need a PC! (The local FLEX, like a local library, could have done the code, the machine talk, for you.)

In 2006, when the estate of my patron of 1990 to 2004 was all but spent, I wrote a satire to my university, the last university to take all my money while seeing that I got none back. I did what I do in writing to all institutions that never understand a thing I do or say: I pretended that communication with them was possible. I pretended that they had understood me all along, that they knew perfectly well who I was, and that they were just pretending not to understand. I pretended to be like them: commanding, in charge, with rights. I pretended to be hold them accountable for their crimes! Imagine a lone Jew addressing Hitler as though anything could be discussed with him! I told my university that rock bottom was coming up at me fast: and that if it hit me in the face before I'd heard understanding from them, if I went stone broke while the bully who'd robbed me remained flush, and silent, then I, Christian, pacifist pk, was going to come to NY, murdering my way north along the highways, till I arrived at NYU where I would introduce the deschooler's Judgment. They read it "literally"! That is to say: they don't know how to read: which is exactly what I'd been telling them, without understanding, since 1962!

NYU called the FBI. The FBI, illiterate peers to the tenured English professors, arrested me. And ever since the fed has been extorting money from me: Where, you miserable terrorist swine, is your pile of gold?!

Well, my satire didn't get the hoped for effect — understanding, responsibility — but it did solve my terminal poverty problem. The jail fed me, provided me with a bunk. The medical facilities were lethal, as well as tardy, but they were an improvement over none, and never. Out of jail, "early" — since I was tortured into "confessing" my guilt, the fed keeps my nose just above water. I get $500 a month and food-stamps, and Medicaid as well as Medicare, and pharmaceutical co-payments. As long as I have no emergencies, no car repairs, I can just breathe. !

But now the fed want to collect the fine the judge levied against me. I'd said, Help! They arrested me. I'd said, You're bastards, and I'm insulting you the worst I can by pretending, obviously falsely, that I'm just like you: a murderer, a terrorist, a liar, an extortionist ... a coercionist, a kleptocrat! All the fed gets is, He's got a pile of gold somewhere, and we must get it from him!

I said to my parole officer, I have nothing now that the fed doesn't give me. The fed and the state figure I can live on roughly $700 a month: and I can, I do: just barely. But now the fed wants me to pay $100 per count of the six felony counts you tortured me into confessing to. Fine, give me another $600, and I'll give it right back. Now the fed wants to fine me $4,000. I said I have nothing, I'm rapidly getting down to nothing, so the fed figures I can easily afford $4,000 out of the government's dole of $700 a month. Give me the extra $4,000 and I'll give it right back. Say I can pay it $25 a month: Fine. Give me $725 a month and I'll give you $25 a month.

No. They want a payment plan. I gave them one! They don't listen! They're incapable of understanding! They don't understand what Jesus or Confucius or Buddha or Einstein .... or I have said to them. They just want the gold. And they just know — they bet my life! — that I have it buried somewhere.

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