Thursday, September 23, 2010

Experts, Specialization

No matter what's wrong, the specialists, the experts, will prescribe more expertise: more specialization: maybe a higher level of specialization.
The Church will prescribe a priest, a mass, communion ... maybe prayer too.
The dietician will prescribe more diet.
The doctor will prescribe a doctor, and some medicine, from the pharm, cousin to the doctors: the dentist will prescribe more dentistry.
Back killing you? you go to the chiropractor, he performs a miracle? You guessed it: he wants you back for more treatment. He'll treat you until you're really paralyzed: and he, not you, will have your money.

Sometime one layer of specialist will prescribe another layer of specialist: the GP may prescribe a surgeon, the surgeon may prescribe a psychiatrist.

Bucky Fuller said this. I've been repeating it since the mid-'Sixties.
No: actually I'd been saying it since the early 'Sixties, 'cause McLuan had said a version of it too.

I'll edit in my Experts section from my fed-et-alia-destroyed

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