Saturday, September 11, 2010


Every kid knows that doctors in the Middle Ages bled you. You got sick, they let out the bad blood. Sometimes they used leeches. Dryer's Passion of Saint Joan shows La Pucelle squirting arterial blood from her arm while the functionaries scramble with a bowl trying to catch it.

(My army friend Phil joked that the medicos had the principle right, but they wasted the wrong body fluid: it was bad semen that had to be released when you're sick. The stud needs to screw his way back to health.)

I say that blood letting still goes on, more blatantly than ever, only it's neither blood nor semen that gets sucked and wasted. The world is run by experts who no matter whether things are right or wrong prescribe that they and other experts suck money. The government sucks taxes, then more taxes. The worse things turn out, the more taxes they suck. As your family falls apart, the lawyers suck all your money. Bruise a toe and the hospitals will not only bleed you dry, they'll bankrupt Social Security while they do it.

How come nobody tries getting rid of all their money before the vampires strike? (Like I did.)

But you know what? The vampires get me anyway. Yesterday I had to buy off the extortionist fed (who railroaded me on an extortion charge to do it!) Of course I don't have a dime that the fed doesn't give me, once it bankrupted me a few years ago, destroyed me and my pitiful remaining business; but these protection racketeers demand more from me than they give me to give! And next year they'll find some pretext to demand yet more. (Like blackmailers: Squeeze till dry.)

One thing: even though the doctors didn't know that the blood circulates, or that it carried oxygen, or that you needed oxygen, they seldom bled you to death; they thought they were releaving putrid build-up of noxious pressure.
Get a note from your doctor!

(My army buddy's joke conspicuously doesn't worry about how much semen the stud has to lose!)

The medieval doctors didn't worry about blood being either vital or self-sustaining. Institutional parasites behave as though their hosts' money were infinite. It's a really stupid blackmailer who kills the kidnapped or who bankrupts the blackmailed. And it's a really stupid government that subsidizes the stupidity of the vampires!

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