Sunday, November 01, 2009


Science invented honesty. Science accelerates technology. Kleptocracy, dishonesty/hypocrisy incarnate, monopolizes science, reducing it back to technology: honesty submerges back into the infinite potential of the void.

An honest society would repel dishonesty; a dishonest society, this human society, repels honesty.

Honesty will fare in human society about as predictably as Jesus fared with the Temple in Jerusalem. Anyone who expects us to welcome Jesus the next time may as well expect phosphorus to lie inert on water.

The above statements were written a day or so apart from each other. Only then did I notice that they sort of go together. I add more such statements in a scrapbook form: though of course any of these could expand to an independent module.

Cheating: the orthodox excuse their own cheating as being on the side of the angels: it's OK to cheat For God.

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