Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Feral Animals

Today Reuters has a good article on the impact of wild exotics -- dogs, pigs, rabbits, cats ... camels! -- on Australia. We’ve all learned what a disaster the introduction of rabbits caused. Some of us are even aware of the impact of mercantile and industrial civilizations marauding about: feral humans, fewer staying home these days.

Ah but the article mentions the possibilities for the menu! Imagine camel steaks in odd restaurants.

I always favored restaurants in which I could get odd meats: jelly fish, sea cucumber, sheep’s skull, brains in butter, chitterlings ... Here in Florida I know where I can dine on frogs, on turtle, on alligator ... I wish I knew where to be served snake, ’possum, ’coon ...

The Chinese are famous for eating everything; but local Chinese establishments know better than to offer variety to the locals. I asked one restaurant if they’d make an exception for me -- if I brought in the kill, would they prepare it for me? No way.

I’d do it myself if I only knew how to butcher. First though I should learn to hunt.

If things get really bad, remember how many people there are. Hunting them should be child’s play.

You’re right: I don’t mean that. It’s not just that cannibalism remains a deep taboo with me, as it does I am sure with you; but once humans realized they were being hunted, the bulk of us would start paying attention again real fast. And then the hunter would have his hands full. Hunting would NOT be easy. Or safe.

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