Friday, November 11, 2005

de Sade

My how time flies. I've written "de Sade" into my development notebooks again and again without ever wedging it into any of's (temp. offline) many god files. I never add "God." I always know what I mean, always assume I'll remember the connection. Now I won't have to 'cause here it is;

The French imprisoned the Marquis again and again. Finally they buried his body in lime: so there could be nothing to resurrect! So God could not have mercy on his soul!

In other words, human beans didn't trust God on this one: we wanted to trump God's judgment with our own.
Like shooting Oswald so he can't be tried.

Preventing a trial in that case didn't ratify Oswald's guilt nearly so much as it assured that probing for the truth would get less fuel. Did the French remember that they would get tried?

Whatever human punishments are for a murderer arrogating the government's role, I presume God will have his own for arrogating people.

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