Thursday, February 10, 2005

Iona Arc

Iona: as in the Celtic monasteries resisting the destruction of records in the Dark Ages,
Arc: as in Noah's Ark,
Arc: as in any -- ahem -- sacred ark: trying to preserve some value from imminent destruction.
Arc: as in Ivan Illich's "arc of mankind." ...

bk started the pk blog for me:; kicking me into the water as it were. Ah, perfect for quick notes associated with [my deposed]! But of course I used it to post type burbling [likewise deposed], called it IonaArc without changing the URL. Now I've changed it back and created this new IonaArc blog. At my leisure I'll move previous posts here, reserving Macroinformation for macroinformation.
2005 03 14 I've just corrected a dozen misspellings of "ark" around and [likewise deposed] pk is not a stickler for spelling. For Iona Arc, I don't mind feeling slightly stuck, because I don't mind any ambiguities it might suggest: especially ambiguities suggesting anARChism! Accidents can be good.

Note further: Iona is geographically located on the west coast of Scotland but is strongly associated with specifically Irish monasteries.
This note originated before the fed censored my which act cascaded the destruction of all my domains. The parole board threatens me if I remount my domains, so all I have left, temporarily I hope, are my blogs.

Actually, Google has cooperated, probably unwittingly, and censored some of my blog material: a couple of hundred posts, some epistemological, some sexual: but my original blogs don't seem yet to have been tampered with.

2011 07 09 PKnatz blog is now my coordinator for my federally censored domains. I've been moving other blog posts there, the blogs remaining only as a redirect. For IonaArc, I leave the posts here but add them, one at a time, to the menus there. Thus PKnatz becomes the virtual, ... and

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