Tuesday, February 01, 2005

February 2005

On any day I may make dozens of changes to Knatz.com before I've had my second cup of coffee. Still, I'll attempt monthly to note significant changes. I meant to install a new Entrance: listing ways in which the assigned childhood habit of Witness for Christ became in my adulthood an urge to bear Witness against my Society is one temptation.
A new section, just roughed in, on Rules vs. Liberty should bear fruit, though at what pace I can't say.
pk's Quote section received a lot of attention, as usual.
I'll add other links as I recall them.

Whoopee, this January I sold a commission for a 3/4 view life-size oil of one sixteen year old Mary Margaret and her horse Sage to be painted by Tom Donahue.

A couple of weeks ago a fizzled monitor cost me the better part of a week on the Mac G4. My new 19" CRT is dandy though.

As a rule pk pays little attention to calendars , but I hope I'll remember each new month from now on to post similar updates.

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