Monday, February 07, 2005


The male grabs the female, willing or unwilling. Liquid squirts into moisture. The baby grabs the breast, tries to uproot the nipple with its sucking. Liquid squirts into moisture. The toddler finds something, picks it up, puts it in its mouth ... How does all this turn into "You have a right to an attorney"?
"You have a right to be here," perorated the author of "Go placidly amid the noise and haste." Well, we ARE here. What do we need a right for? And whether or not we have a right, whether or not there is such a thing as a right to have, do we therefore have a right to take diamonds from Africa, oil from the Middle East, illegal workers from Mexico ...?
Somewhere between the birth cry, the gasp for air, the grab for the nipple ... and fire bombing Dresden, napalming Vietnam, invading Iraq ... something went very wrong.

That's what my sleeping mind handed me upon waking today: not those words but that essence. (Sometimes my mind does hand me the words exact, already written, hardly in need of editing; but not today.)
The second I started to make a file of it, thing after thing went wrong. Or right: far to the right; or left -- went every-which-way. I have to talk about rights: more pk talk on the subject overdue anyway. That means I'll have to get into natural law: about which I know nothing -- and care less. No: do your Iron Mountain Report thing: point out that if you stuff your key stone fallacy into the opening axiom, they'll never be able to deflect your logic. Those who see and like the illusion will shout down any who see the reality. No wait: be sure to point out how the magicians, having gotten you to accept God, have magically slipped the Church, and priests ... congressmen, and the state through the crack.
Then I started automatically generating prose to patch older modules at Sometimes I can't write because I'm writing in too many directions at once. That's why is the way it is: open-ended, incomplete, the road ripped up for repair before its bed extends a mile, the men working sign still blocking the road three years after the men never came back to work.
Some of what I'm hot to address today will form a module called "Development": in my Society section. Some could go into my long-neglected, never-matured module on Rights. I could tie my several Iron Mountain Report references together and link them to the God / Church thing: How dare the priest assume that because you believe in God you therefore also believe in him!?! (How dare the congregation believe that because you don't stand against God you therefore also swallow all their rubbish?)

But get this in the meantime: the initiating idea, the waking bomb, was to address development. How does I have a right to breathe turn into We have the right to cut down the forest to smelt iron, to coerce you to go to school, to determine who may immigrate, to prohibit the movements of these Americans while financing the movements of that American ...?
My main theme here transferred to and continues in my Society section as Development (as in Developed Nations).

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