Monday, March 16, 2009

Divine Love

Should Jesus on the cross love those who are crucifying him?
The Christian answer is that he does: because he's not human,
he's superhuman, divine.
He's God! and God is Love. God, because of the crucifixion, forgives us!

Don't try to understand it: it's a mystery.

OK. I believed all that as a kid, even as a young man,
at least I tried to believe it.
I sometimes try to believe it at seventy, after being betrayed all my life, defrauded, blackballed, denied the rights claimed to be common across the culture ...

But there's one thing I refuse to respect this sort of Christian divinity for:Should Jesus love and forgive the Christians, no matter how many times they claim they love Jesus, no matter how many candles they burn, no matter how many doorbells they ring, no matter how much money they donate,
if they're still torturing and silencing and interrupting and misrepresenting God(-and Jesus)'s subsequent messages and messengers?
There's Jesus on the cross. He loves and forgives the soldiers tormenting him. He loves and forgives the soldier who stuck a spear in his side: so the Jews wouldn't have to be embarrassed to be torturing their Messiah after their Sabbath commenced with sundown. Fine.
Now:Should Jesus forgive the Pope who puts a contract out on Martin Luther?
should Jesus forgive the Pope (or the professors) who threatened Galileo with torture for jeopardizing their (the Church's and Universities' ridiculous ignorant contradicted-by-observation model of the universe?
should Jesus forgive the Church for defrocking Ivan Illich, its greatest priest?

Should Jesus forgive the United States for censoring pk when it was Jesus-Illich's convivial humanity pk was working for?
should Jesus forgive the United States for telling children compelled to attend school that they have free speech while filling the jails with the silenced? such as pk?
One last question:Should Jesus forgive the churches who keep no record of claims made by the congregation that God "spoke" to them?I think Jesus should forgive the churches exactly as much as he forgives the schools for allowing no notice, keeping no records, of non-standard ideas that emerge from the non-tenured portion of the school: the instructors, the students.

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