Sunday, August 14, 2005

Order, Archives

The default mode for humans is daytime. Funny, cause our earliest mammal ancestors were night creatures.
Humans like best to look where the light is clearest: that makes hiding things easy: bury it in the dark.
It’s a stupid thief though who buries something in the dark under a light that can be switched on at any time. Of course ignorant of tomorrow’s technology, tomorrow’s habits, priorities, no theft is permanently safe.

You know the joke about the guy coming upon a guy searching under a street lamp: Wha’cha looking for, asks the newcomer. I dropped my car keys, says the seeker.
The newcomer helps him search for a while, then asks, Are you sure this is where you dropped them?
Oh, no; I dropped them over there.
Then why are you looking for them over here?
The light is so much better.

As with so many jokes, that’s deep. But deeper still is Gregory Bateson’s point that a patient random search of any hay stack will eventually find the missing needle; however infinite ordered searching will never find the thing misordered.

The function of any human archive is two-fold: we can file our property deed so that it can be found; we can misfile the Indian’s deed so it will never be found.
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