Thursday, August 11, 2005


Shlain inspired, pk explains circumcision:

Nearly a year and a half after digesting Leonard Shlain’s Sex, Time, and Power: How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution, a connection with circumcision suddenly comes to me:
Judaism, and therefore Christianity, is famous for being a male-dominant religion: male obsessed: obsessed with blood, always in human matters evoking thoughts of menstrual blood. Shlain argues that women, Gyna sapiens, invented time (as a human concept, of course) thanks to evolution separating women from other mammal and primate females by ... hidden ovulation, conspicuous menses ... Suddenly, women were much smarter than men. Men had to struggle to catch up: or they’d never get laid again: women having figured out the connection between copulation and pregnancy, women having noticed the danger as well as pain of bearing big-headed babies, learned, for the first time, to say No.
So men invented talking, talk the woman into the sack. If women invented intelligence, it was men who invented human intelligence: based in promises, in illusions: in deception (including self-deception).
Women may have participated among men in inventing magic (self-deception) and even in positing special unseen magicians -- divinities, gods -- from their magic; but I’ll bet it was strictly men who invented Monotheism with its authoritative God: a boss.
Lie down! Spread your legs! Or you’ll go to hell! Authority, if you can summon it, is easier than seduction: now ordinary men can also get laid.
But women were first. And women were the mothers: the children were THEIRS! So men were jealous: for the first time.
Therefore, by homeopathic magic -- like begets like, men invented circumcision: make the male bleed: like a woman! Resculpt the penis: like a nipple!And if you circumcise the clit, why then maybe you can finally find the damn thing, in the dark.

2011 09 06 Silly me, that's not what I meant to say. The joke should have gone, "And if you circumcise the clit, why then you don't have to try to find the damn thing, in the dark."
I had a girl friend a few decades ago who gave me the idea that she herself didn't know where it was: because I'd been paying good attention to it for months, with fingers and tongue as well as whatever bumped from the pubis, when she took me aside to give me a lecture on locating it! I think her daughter must have given her a spiel and she was mindlessly passing it on, not paying any attention to sense: like a priest lecturing the mother of twelve on not over-prizing virginity!
After that I never wanted to give her another orgasm.
(And that wasn't the worst part: but this post isn't about that part of my sad story.)

I've been using Iona Arc to preview materials; in this case I jotted the ideas first at my Circumcision: Medicine, Science, & Superstition and now share it at this blog.

2005 08 19 It occurs to me, this baker’s week after blogging the above and apropos of my little aside joke at the end, that not everyone has heard about circumcision of the clitoris. Understand, I am NOT talking about removing the clitoris, but of unsheathing it. If the operation has its own proper name, as I’m sure it does, I don’t know it. I never heard of it till a few years ago, reading about a doctor who performed this little trick, scrapping away too thick flesh around the clit that would interfere with its function of female arousal, in all his operations on women, without their consent and without informing them afterwards. Doctors!
Women who’d been married, who had borne children, but who had never been aroused, who’d never had a clue what all the fuss was about, were suddenly becoming nymphomaniacs! They at long last had discovered arousal.
One poor woman though couldn’t stand it. EVERYTHING stimulated her: and it wasn’t pleasant.
Challenged, the doctor insisted he hadn’t done anything wrong: anything unprofessional!
God save us from professions.


wmac said...

this could be expanded using the jewish tradition of circumcision

a female begins to bleed and the mother sits her down and has the "you're becoming a woman" talk

a boy then asks, "well, then when do i begin to become a man?"

when we make your penis bleed ...

Christians did them one up - our boys become Men/authority figures at BIRTH!

and we give them titles like "Master"

pk said...

Billie Mac's comment is right on the money. That "at BIRTH!" emphasis is beautiful.

pk said...

Ah! Though the Jews circumsized pretty damn close to birth themselves: eight days!
Didja ever notice that Christian baptismal founts are eight-sided? One religion: with a lot of in-fighting.