Friday, December 04, 2009


Culture is a faith-based phenomenon: evidence gets ridden over roughshod. Americans believe (as they're told) that they're "free" (while the government has its hand in all pockets, while school is compulsory ...), Christians believe that they're "saved" (while Jesus' disciples still get arrested ...), "scientists" believe that they're "rational" (while whatever ...) (Once the FBI lab has been caught falsifying evidence, why is there still a funded FBI lab? Why once university labs have been caught falsifying evidence are there still university labs? Why are there still governments? schools? (and universities?) Why are there still churches? Cheats from the get-go.

Culture, that's why.

Human cultures typically believe that they are competent at theology, science, history ... How many of those beliefs would bear testing? How are we going to stop God from being objective in his tests at Judgment? What percentage of God's messages have penetrated the culture to reach the target audience? Some? Any? Certainly not all.

I believe the answer is Some. Very few. And none that I've been involved in. The crazy thing is: the culture's soldier ants – cops, teachers, bureaucrats – don't even see what they're doing. They think they're "right"! had many modules on culture. The above blurt is merely today's. I'll be restoring the earlier modules here at IonaArc as I can.

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