Friday, February 27, 2009


Every kid in Sunday School looks down on hypocrites, despite knowing somehow that all adults are hypocrites. I had extra talents, extra seriousness (and a meta-sense of humor, of mockery): I still looked down on hypocrites as I grew up. But what what I really hate is secular hypocrisy: institutions that pretend to serve freedom but actually create mono-culture.

Most of all I hate the sheeple pledging allegiance, droning about "liberty and justice for all": while the FBI arrests philosophers on any pretext they can concoct, while the cops bust the heads of dissidents.

Of course the press doesn't report such things: abroad, yes, but seldom at home. Even if a reporter were capable of seeing what's before his eyes, sponsors would punish any organ that let slip more than some fraction of truth.

More will come after I rescue another few dozen classics to these damn 2D blogs.

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