Friday, August 11, 2006


A symbol, codeable as a single datum, one bit, can stand for anything: "X" stands for "Cosmos." Meantime any universe within that cosmos may have some vast number of time lines: the location for example of each particle at timem, timen, timeo ... Thus the number of symbols needed to represent details within the cosmos may be enormous. The number of symbols needed to represent say the thoughts of male virgins under the age of fifteen in New York City on May 3rd may be greater than the symbols needed to map all thoughts by all humans alive up until the reign of Rameses. Thus: any symbol in any world might sybolize the entire cosmos; but all the particles in universex might not be adequate to map all the events in worldy. Thus some twelve year old with a G12 processor might be able to hold his own judgment day for world NT of universe ZN, but all the gods that have ever lived or not lived, been imagined, or not imagined, couldn't map the complexity (or the simplicity) of the whole cosmos.

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