Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Homeostasis as Decentralized

Homeostasis has been a pk theme for close for four decades. The group preserves its balance, like any system. It does that by repressing extremes, laying snares for mutations. Systems have "conservative" built into their core. Stability is served: and so is stupidity. Genius is regularly some sort of mutation. Ditto reform, ditto new efficiencies.

We say we honor intelligence, efficiency, order ... god. I deny it. We honor ourselves, we honor the familiar; we crucify messengers, threaten Galileo with torture.
Christians pretend that the crucifixion happened once: I see it happening every day.

Centralization / Decentralization has been a theme of pk’s for nearly as long. My founding of the Free Learning Exchange in 1970 was intended as a major blow for decentralization: replace schools, replace nations, replace governments ... with one coordinated system of decentralized bulletin boards, the form authored, but the content grass roots, all content coming unregulated from the public. From the public to the public, leave out all the middle men.

Today though I have to emphasize: homeostasis is perennially decentralized. No Pope has to tell the girl, the boy, the young wife ... not to rat on the priest that rapes them. No president has to tell Ma & Pa Kettle to shun the kid who doesn’t want to be drafted, to shun the atheist, the Quaker ... the free-love advocate.
And if the girl, the boy, the young wife does rat on the priest that rapes them, they’ll quickly learn: the system simply does not hear them. There’s many more than one thing that the police, the press, the legislature simply does not want to know: and can’t, won’t be told.

Homeostasis is as grass roots as grass. Homeostasis is ubiquitous.

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