Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Great News

Surfing can be so great now that we can construct our own news: from Reuters, from Yahoo ... There’s a convicted cannibal in Germany who’s suing because he claims others are basing their commercial fictions on his experiences. Right on. Don’t cannibals have rights?

Some gal in Texas stabbed her lover because he played the same Elvis song again and again. Way to go. How can we know what’s too much until some hero snaps?

I’m reminded of a news item from I can’t say how long ago that reached me long before the internet, at a time when I didn’t read the papers either: boom boxes were plaguing some South American city. Suddenly, there were a series of murders. Police said the one element in common was that all victims were carrying boom boxes. Boom boxes disappeared from that city!

See? Whatever the law, some individuals can change history. Risky, but it may work.

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