Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dead Mac

Frustration! I have been unable to post to any of my domains, my gallery, my blogs ... for nearly two weeks! My Mac G4 was my only machine connected to my DSL service. With no other IS my other modems and machines were useless: for publishing on line. Fixing the G4 looked to cost approximately the price of a Mac mini, so I decided to abandon the G4 once my Mr. FixIt promised to make a DVD of the data.
Great: under the circumstances, provided someone could get me a Mac mini pronto. And that didn't happen. Mac Warehouse was back ordered, and then shipping took the better part of another week.
Well, two frantic days with a nifty machine but no current data on it for email addresses, no FTP software, most of my applications incompatible with OS X ... and I'm working again anyway.
At least, that is, I am able to post to, to my blogs, to, to ... and to


Expect frantic, rushed, catch-up drafts to come fast and furious.

28 September: Harrumph! My work has been fast and furious alright, but has yet to find it's way here.

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