Thursday, May 19, 2005

Steroid Police

Now major market US sports want to police themselves: for steroid use. That's like Junior Johnson, while he's still a bootlegger, asking the judge to let him, from then on, watch his own speed over the Appalachian night roads: revenuers in terrified pursuit. Why, Junior: seems to us that that's what you've been doing all along: watching your own ass.
Not that pk trusts the judge, or the public, or the people: which doesn't mean I trust MLB to police itself better in the future than it did in the past.
And even if it does better this time, everyone watching differently from before, that doesn't mean that it deserves the chance. When the institution is caught cheating, that should be the end of the institution. People still want spectator sports? Fine. Let them rebuild them from the ground up.
I believe in evolution through extinction.
Which does not mean that I assume that generationX is better than generationW: or better than generationA.
I do think it would be better for all to commit suicide than for kleptocracy to prevail another single day.

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