Wednesday, March 09, 2005


If God is really God, if the good is really good ... then seems to me they shouldn't need my help: either to endure or prevail. Or, if my help is needed and would be welcomed, then please ask nicely for my help; don't commandeer it.

If the universe truly is God's private, personal property, if land and other resources truly are God's to give, to lend, to take away, and if also God wants to give his, God's, land that the Canaanites have been living on for who knows how long to the Jews, who've never even seen it, why by all means, let God give it to them.
But he shouldn't have to ask for my help. And absolutely he shouldn't allow any help from the Jews. No, let God himself take the land away from the Canaanites, clear all Canaanites off of it, then, he should give it to the Jews. And the title too: or at least a lease: signed by God in a way that even Taoists, Jainists, atheists would have to recognize: Yep, that's God's signature: the landlord. There's no question: that document is official.

On the other hand, if the Jews take the Canaanites land, saying God gave us your land, well that simply stinks of the false.

Legitimate things shouldn't need subsidizing. If people are willing to pay to hear Beethoven, to drive cars, to build roads, to burn gasoline in order to get to the performance, by all means, let them listen, and drive, and build, and burn. If then there are hidden costs that come later, by all means, let those hidden costs come: and be paid. Beethoven wrote nice music for the voice. We all have one of those: dandy. He also wrote nice music for the piano: a big, clumsy, expensive instrument, hard to carry around. He also wrote a lot of nice big famous music requiring lots of big famous professional musicians to play. You need a hall for it: the stage is here, the audience is there, the audience has to sit still and listen, whether they like it or not. Those compositions were paid for, when they were paid for, by remnants of feudal kleptocracy: land holding, land management (all without God's signature). I believe that people who want to sit in an audience, and behave themselves, and who are willing and able to pay the full costs of the big famous musicians, and the hall, and the stage, and to clean up afterwards, and the royalties to Beethoven ... should be able to listen to all the Beethoven they want: so long as the existence of the hall, the roads leading to it, the cars that do the transport ... don't harm any other creatures: not gypsies, not nematodes.

Or, if say gypsies are harmed, or worms, or the nests of insects, then let the Beethoven listeners declare openly, We listen to our Beethoven on the corpses of others. We are kleptocrats, genocides, colonizing. We listen to our Beethoven flying our flag of conquest: red, white and blue: red for blood, white for the blank of our conscience, and blue: what we'll beat you to if you don't like it.

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